Paww WaveSound 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Over-The-Ear Foldable Headphones – Headset with Mic, aptX Low Latency

BRINGING SOUND TO LIFE – Combining the CD-quality sound of aptX with the low latency of aptX LL, Paww WaveSound 2.1 is engineered to transform ordinary media into life-like sound. With an end-to-end latency of just 34ms, visual elements are synced with the supporting audio on a real-time basis making it ideal for computer gaming, watching TV, and high-impact digital experiences.

FASTER CONNECTIVITY – Paww WaveSound 2.1 uses the latest Bluetooth technology – 250% faster with 10x more bandwidth than Bluetooth 4.0. This allows you to connect to your devices confidently and more quickly to furnish you with a seamless audio experience every time.

MULTIPLE DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY – The built-in microphone and advanced Bluetooth features keep you connected to your smartphone, computer, or other devices. You can watch a movie on your tablet while keeping a close eye on your phone when waiting for an important call, or you can switch between watching TV and listening to an audiobook on your phone. Either way, the WaveSound 2.1 has you covered!

TECHNOLOGY THAT MAKES A STATEMENT – With a solid, clean and luxurious build, these Paww headphones steal the show. At first glance, these high-tech Bluetooth headphones look delicate, but the robust and sturdy construction made using high-quality materials will withstand years of regular use.

LONG PLAYTIME – You can count on your audio to be available whenever you wish. You never have to miss a beat with PAWW, delivering 16 hours of powerful sound quality and reliable operation. Longer playtime equals less downtime, allowing you to dive into a great soundtrack, PC computer game, TV show or other media any time you please. The WaveSound 2.1 headphones are more than an accessory, it’s a companion.

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